Province Unveils Framework for Reopening the Economy

Tuesday Apr 28th, 2020


In a highly anticipated announcement yesterday, the province released A Framework for Reopening our Province, which outlines a three-phase plan providing a roadmap for businesses and individuals on what to look for as the government considers loosening the emergency measures and reopening the economy. It is important to mention that no timelines have been provided for when the economy will be re-opened.

The “Restart” phase of the plan includes three stages which will be monitored by health officials, and each stage could take between 2–4 weeks during which time health officials may advise to “reapply or tighten certain public health measures,” "maintain status quo” or “progress to the next stage.”

Stage 1

  • Opening select workplaces that were ordered to close or restrict operations that can immediately modify operations to meet current public health guidelines.
  • Allowing essential gatherings of a limited number of people.
  • Hospitals to begin to offer non-urgent surgeries and other health care services.
  • Opening some outdoor spaces, such as parks.
  • Continued protections for vulnerable populations.

Stage 2

  • Opening more workplaces with significant mitigation plans (may include some service industries and additional office and retail).
  • Opening more public spaces.
  • Allowing some larger public gatherings.
  • Continued protections for vulnerable populations.

Stage 3

  • Opening all workplaces responsibly.
  • Relaxing restrictions on public gatherings (however, large gatherings such as concerts and sporting events will be restricted for the foreseeable future).
  • Continued protections for vulnerable populations.

Businesses will be provided with guidelines to show them how to prepare for reopening safely.

The province has announced that they will consult with businesses in key sectors for feedback which will inform the government’s measures on when and how the economy may be reopened. 

Stay Safe!

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